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Ethel Baxter

Wiradjuri Elder

One of the many prominent Australian Aboriginal families who now call Queanbeyan (NSW Australia) home is the Baxter Family led by matriarch Elder Ethel Baxter, who has iconic status, and loves to quote her brother Harold Williams’ famous line:

“if you want respect you have to earn it – black or white”. 1

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Stateline ABC – The Golden Age

Queanbeyan Printing Museum

Queanbeyan’s “working” Printing Museum showcases a miniature of John Gale’s first newspaper The Golden Age (1860) being printed on a foot-pedal, hand fed small press that the John Gale family would have used as part of their commercial printing business – as well as other larger printing presses like the cumbersome ‘Chandler & Price, Hand Fed Platen Press’ c1900 and the Linotype Model 14, with its hot metal crucible, which was the heart of the publishing business.

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A different winter’s tale

A tail of success


It was winter in a country town that pretended to be a city.2

The wind whistled and the lightning flashed and the rain beat down on the corrugated roof.

Occasionally a wisp of wind came down the chimney and stirred the blackened wood in the fireplace – until finally there was a last sparkle of red and then nothing – only blackness.

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