Virtual Dams 2010

A reality or a disaster? 1

The Virtual dam is the dam you have, when you don’t have a dam – Dam confusing isn’t it?

This 2005 article is reprinted here in the public interest to show in context, 2005 and 2010, as the final consultation (now called Water Security) closed on May 24, 2010; and the Virtual Dam is close to being a reality. This post links to the next three posts and a previous post “London Bridge – Australian style: 420 million years ago,” published on May 6, 2010.

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Aboriginal Reconciliation 2010

Let’s see it through

Three new flags unfurled on three new flag poles – Queanbeyan Reconciliation Garden – opened June 1, 2010

1 Indigenous Australians with their ancestry of over forty thousand years, and newer Australians who have relocated to Queanbeyan within the past two hundred and twenty-two years, started a Reconciliation Walk, in Queanbeyan, almost 20 years ago. 2

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WWII Camouflage Women

Retrieving the past

In WWII the Country Women’s Association of New South Wales (CWA-NSW) cottage-industry, included knitting and making wearing apparel including “40,000 sheepskin vests and 24,000 other sheepskin articles” for the forces; as well as hundred and thousands of camouflage nets, which surpassed the work done by women working from homes during WWI.1

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All guilty

Sins of omission

Some quotes are throw-away lines; some make us feel good; others affect our lives in the short term; then there are other quotes, like the “most important thing” quote, that have a truism, which leaves such an impression on us that they stay embedded in our minds, surfacing to influence us and changing our lives in a routine pattern.

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