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Connee’s art work is humanity based, interpreting past and present lifestyles, events and values.


Connee is experienced in bronze casting and most other techniques in sculpture; she also draws, paints and just loves photography because of the fast outcome – in relation to the time taken to create with other mediums including black and white photography – digital is instant – ready to send, share, duplicate or delete as fast as the image is taken.

Writing is a different medium and research is time consuming but it also relates to Connee’s arts practice as the two intermix; research and photography can be an end in themselves or can lead to further exploration and interpretation through painting, drawing, or sculpture.

Arts training

Australian National University (ANU) School of Art, Canberra ACT:

1. Diploma of Visual Art
2. B.A. Visual Arts
3. Graduate Diploma: Sculpture
4. Complimentary Studies: Photography, Art History, Bronze Casting


Connee-Colleen has written two booklets that document two series of her art-work:

(i) A Time and a Place features sculpture, photographs and drawing complimented by diary entries of Connee’s time spent with the elderly as artist in residence at Forbes House Nursing Home, Collett Street, Queanbeyan.

(ii) Different Ways of Seeing features sculpture and art work by Connee and seven Koomarri intellectually-disabled students, nicknamed the “Magnificent Seven” complimented by diary entries and photographs of Connee’s time as artist-teacher, during an ‘ACT Community Arts Development Fund Grant to teach sculpture and to sculpt portraits of the disabled in Canberra, Australia.’

Weekly Column

Connee-Colleen started as a freelance-writer in 1985; writing for the Queanbeyan Age (founded by John Gale in 1860, originally named the Golden Age 1860-1864) and started her first column on February 8, 2005.

This column was called “Queanbeyan Outlook with Connee-Colleen” and numbers one to 46 were published in the Queanbeyan Age from Tuesday February 8, 2005 to Tuesday June 27, 2006; at that time the Queanbeyan Age was published twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays and “Queanbeyan Outlook” was published every Tuesday (holidays excepted).

The title of the column was changed to “Connee-Colleen Queanbeyan Outlook” when the Queanbeyan Age changed to publishing once a week (every Friday) and numbers 47 to 314 were published from Friday July 7, 2006 to Friday January 26, 2012 (and will continue, holidays excepted, until further notice).

Many of the posts on the Before Canberra site relate to Connee Colleen’s Queanbeyan Outlook column.

My Place

Queanbeyan: Home of John Gale, Father of Canberra
Queanbeyan: New South Wales, Australia
Queanbeyan: Population 38,000 people
Queanbeyan: Birthplace of Canberra
Queanbeyan: Sister City of Canberra
Queanbeyan: Gateway to Canberra
Queanbeyan: Proclaimed 1838
Queanbeyan: Before Canberra

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